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That's how we have come to call ourselves, the Tesla Car Wrap Specialist. We have wrapped over 1000 Tesla cars of all existing models. We are still amazed by the numbers!

Besides wrapping your Tesla, we may also tint the windows, paint the brake calipers and/or the rims of your Tesla in any colour you want. Another popular option for Tesla drivers is to black out the chrome parts, a so-called chrome delete. All these parts can be simply wrapped and can be removed without damage when selling the car so that everything can be returned to its original state.

You are also welcome at any time without an appointment to view the colour samples and our wrapping methods.


We have customized so many Tesla's that we eventually created a special price list with all the possibilities. All amounts are including 21% VAT.

FULL WRAPPING (Duration of work: 2 working days)

For a whole new look! Exterior costs €2295 in matt or glossy film. 
Surcharge inside doors, €400,- per door.
Special foils such as carbon, brushed steel, flipcolours, and diamond have an additional cost. (at an average of 25%)

CHROME DELETE (Duration of work: 1 working day)

We wrap all chrome parts in matt, satin, matt metallic or glossy black. Of course, any other colour is also possible.

* Front bumper strip 
* Logo on front and back
* Fog lamp strips (excluding small strips in the lamps because we cannot reach them) 
* Door handles
* Window frames
* Side skirts strips (Model S only)
* Underside of mirrors
* Flashing lights
* Tailgate strip 
* Letters in rear strip (paint)
* Remove type markings if required. 

Model X €695,-
Model S €750 and €850 for the Model S with old nose.  
Model 3 €550,- Excl new bonnet and boot lid logos. Surcharge new logos incl wrap 100,-

XPEL STREET PROTECTION (Duration of work: 2 working days)

Tesla Model X and Model S

  • Front bumper, bonnet, side shields and mirrors €2480 
  • Headlights and fog lights: €115,-
  • Whole car €7840.80

Tesla Model 3

  • Front bumper, bonnet, side shields and mirrors €2075
  • Headlights and fog lights: €115,-
  • Whole car €7865.00

In Xpel Stealth, the prices are the same.

RIM RESPRAY (Work duration: 2 working days)

We can spray rims in any colour, if you choose to de-chrome them, we recommend the same shade of black, which gives a very tough look and makes it a whole. Of course, the entire rim is sprayed, so also on the inside.

  • Matt or silk gloss €550-
  • High-gloss €595

We also supply all types of rims for all Tesla models. Ask about the possibilities.

BRAKE CALIPER RESPRAY (Work duration: 1.5 working days)

There are two ways of doing this. One is slightly better than the other. The difference is mainly in the details and the guarantee we can give.

1. Spray the calipers while they are still mounted.

  • Cost: € 98.75 each. 4 pieces € 395.
  • Duration of work: 1.5 working days
  • Warranty of 1 year

Here, we tape the calipers off completely. First, we spray the callipers with a 2-component (2K) primer, after which the callipers are also sprayed in a 2K paint of your choice. 

Should there be any logos on the callipers, we will of course replace them and finish them with a 2K clear lacquer. Naturally, these are heat-resistant lacquers.

2. Dismantle the calipers, sandblast them and then spray them.

  • Cost: € 248.75 each. 4 pieces € 995
  • Duration of work: 3 to 4 days
  • Warranty 3 years

First, we will disassemble the calipers and then we will carefully sandblast the calipers and clamps so that they are like new again. All the dirt and oils that have attached themselves to the calipers over time are then removed. 

Next, it is time to spray the calipers in any desired colour in the spray booth. Here, too, we can replace the original logos before finishing them off with clear varnish. Naturally, we also work with strong 2K heat-resistant lacquers.

After the calipers have been sprayed, we will carefully reassemble and install everything, after which we bleed the entire brake system out.

WINDOW TINTING (Work duration: 1 working day)

  • Model X, in this model the windows are already tinted from the B-pillar, if required we can tint the front doors incl. small triangle windows with the lightest tint allowed (65%), the costs for this are €140,- If required this can also be darker.
  • Model S, the windows from the B-pillar tinting costs €279, The front doors cost €140.
  • Model 3, the windows from the B-pillar tinting costs €479,- The front doors cost €140,-.

TINTING LIGHTS (Duration of work: +/- 2 hours)

Choice of smoke and a dark black shade, we recommend the smoke, which gives a tough look, and you don't lose too much of the light output. (See sample photos)


  • Headlights: €95
  • Fog lamps: €45
  • Rear lights incl. reflectors: €175

DETAIL PARTS WRAPPING (Duration of work: see description)

  • Mirror caps matt, satin or glossy €125.- Special foils like carbon, brushed, Matrix €150.
  • Front bumper, sideskirts and rear bumper carbon €550 (Model S only) See photos
  • Red Details front & rear bumper, indicators €150 See photos

Wrapping interior parts (Duration of work 2 hours)

  • Model S - Dashboard 3 parts €150.00 / Entrance strips per 2 €55.00
  • Model X - Dashboard 3 parts €150.00 / Doorsteps per 2 €55.00
  • Model 3 - Dashboard €100,- / Centre console €100,-

Including matte or glossy foil. Carbon or other special foils have an average price increase of 25%


  • Carbon fibre tailgate spoiler (Glossy or Matt carbon)
  • Model S Standard spoiler €249,- incl. mounting. (Click for sample photos)
  • Model S Wingspoiler €295,- incl. mounting. (Click for sample photos)
  • Model 3 Standard spoiler €249,- incl. mounting.
  • Model 3 Performance spoiler €295,- incl. mounting.

We can wrap the spoilers in any colour you like.


4 rims with protective edge. 

Available in 15 colours including Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Orange, Gold, Pink, Purple, Bronze, Gun Metal, Sky Blue, Glow in the Dark. Pricing starts from €225,- incl. assembly

The above prices include 21% VAT, a 3-year warranty on the installation of the wrap and 1 year on the spraying work and a lifetime warranty on window tinting.

On average we need 2 days for wrapping the outside of the car, in this time we can also do the chrome parts and other work. If you want the inside of the doors to be wrapped as well, you should take an extra 2 days into account.


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