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These general terms and conditions apply to all offers of WrapAndGo, having its registered office in The Hague and registered in the trade register under number: 59253665 hereinafter to be referred to as Wrap&Go (W&G).


In these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

  • car: passenger car of which the total weight including payload does not exceed 3500kg.
  • The agreement: the agreement of purchase and installation of parts, repair work and transport of cars. Parts shall also include film (wrapping and xpel)
  • the order: the agreement to perform assembly, disassembly, repair or maintenance work, car tuning and transport work;

the client: the person who gives W&G an order to buy parts and carry out work.

Article 1 - The offer.

  • W&G's offer will be made in writing or electronically and will be valid for the period indicated.
  • We only accept orders for which the offer has been accepted online or after receiving your written (e-mail) order in response to our offer. Amounts quoted verbally are guide prices and are not valid as a quotation!
  • After accepting the offer, a deposit of 40% of the total amount is to be paid. When this down payment has been received, the appointment will be confirmed by W&G.
  • If necessary, the stripping (dismantling and reassembling of handles, (head) lamps, strips, antennas, spoilers, grilles, emblems and type plates, etc.) of the vehicle is included in the amount mentioned in the quotation unless otherwise stated.
  • Quotes are inclusive of 21% VAT unless stated otherwise.

Article 2 - The Agreement.

The agreement must be recorded in writing or electronically. This agreement shall in any case include:

  • the parts required by the client
  • the description of the work
  • the prices of the components and work
  • the presumed or explicit fixed delivery date
  • the reference to the guarantee provisions
  • the method of payment

Article 3 The assignment.

The order to perform work will be given orally, in writing or electronically. An order given electronically by the client will only come into effect once it has been confirmed by W&G. A confirmation of the order will be provided to the client on request.

Article 4 Delivery of the car.

  • We wrap exclusively with high-quality car wrapping films from the brands 3M, Avery, Arlon and Xpel, and not with materials we supply ourselves.
  • Wrapping is preferably done in our workshop (unless otherwise agreed) and only by appointment.
  • Vehicles must be delivered clean washed, without wax and dirt. Extra cleaning costs are €45,- and will be added to the invoice.
  • Unpainted parts are not painted and are not included in the quoted amount, unless otherwise stated in the quote. Vehicles with (repaired) paintwork or other damage or older than 3 years are wrapped at your own risk.
  • W&G is not liable for loss and/or theft of any goods left behind in the car.
  • The vehicle must be delivered clean to us on the afternoon or evening before the scheduled service. To ensure the quality of our work, the vehicle should be acclimatised in our workshop. When the vehicle is ready, we recommend leaving it overnight in our workshop so that the film can achieve its optimum adhesive strength at the right temperature.
  • Before applying a car wrap, the emblems and type plates are removed by us. Due to the process, it is not always possible to replace them. In such cases, we can order the original emblems and type plates from the dealer and have them replaced for a fee.
  • When wrapping interior parts in which an airbag is installed, it is possible that the airbag does not work or does not work completely as intended. We do not accept any responsibility for damage in any form whatsoever caused by this.
  • Items that the client has entrusted to W&G to carry out work shall remain at the client's risk. The client must adequately insure this object at his own risk.

Article 5 Cancellation.

For each order we require a deposit of 40% of the total amount. If the client decides to cancel the order, there is no right to a refund.

Article 6 Warranty conditions.

Car wrapping

  • On cars up to 3 years old, we provide a 3-year guarantee on the foil and mounting. We do not guarantee discolouration of the film or stains in the film due to failure to keep the wrap in place properly.
  • On cars older than 3 years, we give a 1-year warranty on the film and fitting.
  • We do not give a colour guarantee on the film. Only the manufacturer's standard guarantee is applied.
  • The guarantee is only valid if the wrap is maintained with the products recommended by us.
  • The warranty is only valid if the first inspection takes place within 14 days after delivery (unless otherwise agreed). After 6 months, the car must be re-inspected.

PPF Film

  • The foil has a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee

Warranty conditions expire if:

  • Driving the car through the car wash.
  • Parts have been damaged and/or repainted.
  • The periodic checks have not been carried out (on time).
  • The client does not notify W&G as soon as possible after discovering the defects.
  • W&G is not given the opportunity to remedy the defects as yet
  • Third parties have, without the prior knowledge or consent of W&G, performed activities that are related to the work performed by W&G.

Sprayed parts

  • We give a 1-year warranty on calipers, rims and/or other painted parts. If parts are replaced (brake pads, tyres, etc.) within the warranty period, the warranty will expire.

Tinting windows

  • We give a lifetime guarantee on window tinting, of which you will receive a certificate. When the car is sold, the guarantee expires.

Article 6 Payment.

An itemised invoice shall be issued for the work carried out.

  • Payment must be made before the car is delivered. Proof of payment must be presented. The payment can also be made in cash, note that we do not have a pin.
  • If a different time of payment is agreed in writing W&G shall be entitled to charge statutory interest on the unpaid amounts each month. This increase in the amount of the invoice is the condition under which W&G grants an extension of time. The increase will take effect one month after sending the invoice.

Article 7 Delivery.

  • Delivery of the car or other object on which W&G has performed the work, will take place on W&G's premises. On request delivery can also be made elsewhere. The client shall bear the costs of this.
  • If client has not collected the car within three working days after being informed of the termination of the execution of the order, W&G may charge storage costs.
  • From the moment after being informed of the termination of the assignment, W&G is entitled to park the car outside of W&G's premises. The client is responsible for any damage and/or theft. Client will be responsible for any damage and/or theft and should take out appropriate insurance for this.

Article 8 Deviations.

  • Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions, shall only be valid if agreed in writing by both parties. Any agreed deviation applies once3