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  • We wrap exclusively with high-quality car wrapping films from the brands 3M, Avery, Teckwrap and Xpel, among others. no Only in the case of materials supplied by you.
  • Wrapping is done in our workshop and by appointment. In a few cases, we will wrap a car on location. This requires sufficient light and a dry and dust-free workshop.  
  • Vehicles must be delivered clean (by hand or car wash), without wax and dirt. Additional cleaning costs (€45,-) will be invoiced afterwards.
  • We only accept orders for which the offer has been accepted online or after receiving your written (e-mail) order in response to our offer. Amounts quoted verbally are guide prices and are not valid as a quotation!
  • If necessary, the stripping (dismantling and reassembling of handles, (head) lamps, strips, antennas, spoilers, grilles, emblems and type plates, etc.) of the vehicle is included in the amount mentioned in the quotation unless otherwise stated.
  • Unpainted parts are not painted and are not included in the quoted amount, unless otherwise stated in the quote. Vehicles with (repaired) paintwork and or other damage or if the car is older than 3 years are wrapped at your own risk. Unpainted parts are completely at your own risk and no guarantee is given!
  • Quotes are inclusive of 21% VAT unless stated otherwise.
  • The vehicle must be delivered clean to us on the afternoon or evening before the scheduled service. To ensure the quality of our work, the vehicle should be acclimatised in our workshop. When the vehicle is ready, we recommend leaving it overnight in our workshop so that the film can achieve its optimum adhesive strength at the right temperature.
  • We only wrap the parts mentioned in the quotation for the stated amount, inwardly falling parts behind the seams of the doors and the rear and front flaps are wrapped to the first edge! If several colours of film are applied to one surface, or for parts larger than the width of the film or for extreme shapes, the film will be applied overlapping. Additional work will be invoiced separately, e.g. door pillars, roof edges, brackets, spoilers, grill, air intake, etc., unless stated in the quotation.
  • Before applying a car wrap, the emblems and type plates are removed by us. Due to the process, it is not always possible to replace them. In such cases, we can order the original emblems and type plates from the dealer and have them replaced for a fee.
  • When wrapping interior parts in which an airbag is installed, it is possible that the airbag does not work or does not work completely as intended. We do not accept any responsibility for damage in any form whatsoever caused by this.
  • Depending on the condition of the paintwork before the wrap, the removal of the wrap film will not be a problem, however, we are NOT liable for any damage to the paintwork after the removal of the wrap film.
  • We require a deposit of 40% of the total order with every order.
  • We take photos during work that we use for our promotion on social media and our website, among other things.