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What does the Maxhaust Soundsystem set consist of?

The Maxhaust Active Sound System simulates a large-volume engine (V6 / V8) via external speakers and gives your vehicle a special sound characteristic that cannot be achieved with a standard exhaust system.
A loudspeaker suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.
Our sound system can be expanded to up to 4 speakers.The Speaker has a circumference of approximately 64 cm and a height of 16 cm. The diameter of the tube is 6 cm, if necessary sheet metal work and welding.In a complete set everything is included, what you need for your vehicle. The system is expandable with possible motor speakers.
Contents complete set:
1 x actuator (speaker "Out-Sound")
2 x stainless steel strips
1 x flange
1 x Bluetooth sound booster incl. App control
1 x adapter cable for Maxhaust sound module
1 x external sound module
1 x vehicle cable set
1 x power distributor 100A
1 x current transformer 200A
1 x current distributor 300A
1 x branch 400A
2 x CAN-BUS connector
4 x self-drilling screws
1 x elbow with clamp
1 x rubber grommet
When using a third and / or fourth speaker ("Out Sound" or "Motor"), the
An additional adapter cable for speakers 3 +4 is required.