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Categories: Alloygator rim flange protection

Alloygator rim flange protector is a hard nylon ring that protects your rims from kerbs. The Alloygator rim flange protector is available in 15 colours.

VW Transport Camper Wrap

WHAT DID WE DO? VW Transporter Wrapped in 3M Matte Pine Green with orange piping across the top More information on motorhome wrapping can be found here Request a no-obligation quote

Tesla wraps green

Tesla Model X 3M Matte Military Green

Tesla Model X3M Matte Military Green What have we done to this Tesla Model X? Matte black wheels Chrome delete in 3M Matte Black Wrapped in 3M Matte Military Green High gloss yellow brake calipers (without logos) Headlights in light smoke and tail lights in medium smoke tinted

Tesla Model Y Cartec Glass Coating

Tesla Model YCartec Glasscoating What have we done to this Tesla Model Y: Polished and equipped with Cartec Glass coating Front bumper with PPF anti-chip film Rim protection of Alloygator mounted in black

Mercedes E Class wrap 3M Satin Dark Grey Brake calipers painted red

Mercedes E Class3M Satin Dark Grey What have we done to this Mercedes E Class: Painted logos and exhaust in glossy black. Wrapped in 3M Satin Dark Grey. Red high gloss brake calipers including black logos under the clear coat. Alloygator rim protection mounted in black.

Audi Q7 Brake calipers red

Audi Q7Brake calipers What have we done to this Audi Q7? Red painted calipers Rim protection Alloygator in black

Jaguar F-Type 3M Matte White

Jaguar F-Type 3M Matte White What have we done to this Jaguar F-Type? Wrapped in 3M Matte White Logos Gloss Black Chrome Delete Sprayed in 3M Gloss Black Exhaust pieces powder coated in Gloss Black Wheel rim protection Alloygator in white Cartec Wax Guard coating for protection of the wrap

Dodge Ram 1500

Dodge Ram 1500 What have we done to this Dodge Ram 1500? Wheels painted in Satin Black Wrapped in Inozetek Khaki Green Brake callipers painted in matching colour Alloygator rim flange protection fitted

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