Chrome delete, or also called 'de-chroming', is a popular car trend where the shiny chrome parts of a car are changed to a matt, satin, or shiny finish. It is the way to give your car a more modern, sleek and personalised look without the permanent step of replacing or repainting but through wrapping.

Want to give the chrome parts of your car a different look? Then you're in the right place. Using special foil, we can give those eye-catching chrome parts a new colour or finish. This technique is perfect for parts like chrome window mouldings, roof racks and grills. But it doesn't stop there; a high-gloss black roof or mirrored mirrors? No problem at all. You dream it, we wrap it!

With emblems or logos, it is sometimes a bit more complicated, depending on their shape and location. If wrapping is not possible, we opt for spraying to ensure that perfect finish.

The absolute favourite in colour choice for chrome delete remains black. We therefore have a wide range of black shades: from matt to satin and high gloss. For those who want that little bit extra, we also have special patterns such as carbon, matrix and the stylish brushed steel.

Are you ready to transform your car and give it a unique touch? Then chrome delete is your next step!


Dive into our extensive colour palette for de-chroming your car. While black is the most obvious choice, we offer a variety of shades and finishes to suit your specific style and preferences.

1. Carbon Black: Sporty and dynamic, for the racing enthusiast in you.
2. Matrix Black: Unique and sophisticated, for a distinctive touch.
3. Matt Black: Smooth and stylish, the ultimate urban look.
4. Glossy Black: Mirror-smooth and striking, pure class.
5. Metallic Black: A touch of sparkle for that extra flair.
6. Satin Black: Perfectly balanced, neither matte nor glossy.
7. Brushed Black: With a slightly textured finish, for that industrial vibe.

Deburring in other colours

De-chroming certainly doesn't have to come only in black! For those who really want to stand out, we also offer a range of popping, bright colours. Let your car shine the way you want it to and give it a unique look that suits your personality.


  • Fresh look: Turn weathered or old-fashioned chrome accents back into modern eye-catchers.

  • Cost-saving: Much cheaper than replacing parts at the dealer.

  • Car wash-resistant: Our wrap can take a beating. So you can go through the car wash with confidence.

  • Warranty: We take pride in what we do. That's why you get a 3-year assembly warranty with us.

  • Flexibility: Fancy matte black today and want something else in a few years' time? No problem! The wrap can be removed again easily and without damage.

  • Environmentally friendly: Choose to upgrade rather than replace and contribute to a greener world.

  • Unique style choices: From matt to high gloss and from solid colours to special patterns such as carbon or brushed steel; let your creativity run wild.

  • Fast and effective: No endless waiting times; before you know it, your car is back on your doorstep, but in a brand new outfit.

  • Protection: Apart from looking nice, our wrap also offers protection against UV rays, salt and light scratches.


  • The duration of a chrome delete can vary depending on which parts of the car you want to have wrapped. Here are some general time estimates:

    • Window frames: Wrapping the window frames takes about 2 to 3 hours.
    • Grille: Wrapping the grille takes about 1 to 2 hours.
    • Full Chrome Delete: Wrapping all the chrome elements on an entire car, such as the window mouldings, grille, door handles and other accents, can take all day.

    This process requires accuracy and attention to detail to ensure the vinyl wrap fits seamlessly and provides a durable, attractive finish. Our specialised car wrappers work efficiently and with precision to ensure the highest quality.

    Want to have a chrome delete done or have specific questions about the process? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you with professional advice and provide a clear explanation of what to expect.


  • The cost of a chrome delete can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of vehicle and the size of the parts to be wrapped. Here are the price indications for our services:

    • Window frames: €250
    • Roof racks: €200 – €250
    • Grille: €95 (e.g. Seat) to €395 (e.g. Audi)
    • Full Chrome Delete: €500 – €1500

    These prices give a general idea of the costs. For an accurate customised quote, we recommend contacting us. We can then provide a detailed quote based on your specific requirements and the characteristics of your car.


Chrome accents can be present in different places on your car. And sometimes you want to tackle them all to give your car that uniform, sleek look. But which parts can you actually add chrome delete to all of them? Here's an overview:

  • Window frames: One of the most common places where chrome can be found. Wrapping these will instantly give your car a sleeker look.
  • Grille: Replace that shiny front with a cool matt, glossy or even a carbon finish.
  • Logos & Emblems: Often the showpiece of your car, but with a chrome delete they become just that little bit more subtle or more striking, depending on your choice.
  • Door handles: Small, but definitely eye-catching when they shine. A subtle touch like these can make all the difference.
  • Roof racks: For SUVs and other cars with roof racks, de-chroming these makes the design seamless.
  • Mirror caps: Highlight your side mirrors by removing the chrome.
  • Exhaust tips: For that extra sporty look.
  • Rim details: Some rims have chrome accents that you can transform for a tighter finish.

Actually, almost every chrome detail on your car is suitable for a chrome delete. Whether you go for a total transformation or just want to tackle a few details, chrome delete gives you the freedom to personalise your car the way you want. Do you have a specific part in mind that is not mentioned here? Consult with us, as the possibilities are almost endless!


Yes and no. Chrome parts such as logos often cannot be wrapped and have to be sprayed. We do this with a special paint.

You can choose any colour for a chrome delete. Patterns are also possible, such as carbon or matrix. Most commonly chosen is black, but sometimes a completely different colour is chosen, such as green, red or silver.

That depends on which parts you want to have painted, but for most parts you can give a good indication. 

* Window mouldings 200.-
* Roof racks 200,-
* Grill 100,-

Everything else is custom-made. Please send a message with a photo for a quotation.