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The coolest project! GOLF 7R Camouflage Carwrap

People ask me what is the coolest project you have ever done. Since this week I don't have to think about that anymore. Now you probably think of a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Bentley but it's actually a whole different (price) class. Of course, the Bentley and Ferrari with BALR. design were cool to work on.
But the really cool thing to do was to wrap a Golf 7R in camo design. The customer had already made a small sketch of how he envisaged it, and based on that sketch we started working out the design with the help of Ivo Dijs. After a few sparring sessions, the final design was produced.
But then the challenge began. Not so much the wrapping of the car itself, but applying the camo surfaces and letting them continue on the inside of the doors and rebates. What is normally a challenge, we now took a step further. A white car is difficult to wrap because you can see the original colour through everything. So you have to make sure that everything is neat and tidy so that you don't see any white.

When you start working on it, you can't wait until you can start working on the real camo design, because then the car starts to take shape. Because we also dismantle the doors, it is very difficult to let the camo surfaces continue on the inside of the doors and rebates.

After a lot of thinking and measuring, we are getting somewhere. Using Knifeless Tape, we can lay down the lines so that we can cut the surfaces. Knifeless Tape, I hear you think? This is a tape with a cutting wire in it which we stick under the foil and can then cut through the foil so we don't have to cut on the car with a knife and thus avoid all risks of scratches.

To finish it off, we also wrapped the roof box in camo style.

In photos 1 and 2 below, you can see very well that the pattern continues from the outside to the inside.

We used 3M Matte Pine Green Metallic for the film and 3M Matte Deep Black and 3M Gloss Black for the surfaces. The combination of gloss and matte gives a very cool effect.

Not the most expensive car we have worked on, but the one we are most proud of!