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What is car wrapping anyway?

We're not talking about the Oriental wrap filled with chicken or shrimp of course 🙂 . 
Wrapping is the application of a layer of film over the paintwork of a car. These films are available in several solid colours in shiny, matt or metallic finish. There are also films with a tangible structure such as carbon, brushed steel or leather look, and there are white vinyls that can be printed on, as you often see on company cars. 
Most wraps are placed to give the car a different colour. Matt colours are particularly popular at the moment. When repainting a car, especially in a striking colour, it is always a matter of hoping to find a buyer with the same taste. A wrap can easily be removed without damage so that the car is back in its original state and body colour. With cars that have been completely repainted, one often thinks that the car has been damaged. 
Wrapped matt colours are much easier to maintain, as the film has less tendency to become shiny. Since the car does not need to be sanded down and dismantled, the cost of a wrap is also lower than a full paint job. 
The wrap also forms an extra protective layer over the underlying paintwork. This means that your paintwork is protected against UV, light scratches and light stone chips. The better the condition of your paintwork, the better the wrap will look. Unevenness cannot be concealed. 

Summary of benefits of car wrapping. 

1. Good protection of the paintwork 
2. Cheaper than spraying the car 
3. Lacquer does not discolour 
4. Easy to replace/remove. Leaves no residue when removing the film (when removed, the paintwork underneath is like new again!) 
5. Wide range of colours. 
6. Simple lettering 
7. Faster than refinishing

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