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My seat belt is stuck, can you fix it?

You have a problem with a stuck seatbelt? That sounds annoying! Unfortunately, we cannot repair this particular problem. Our speciality lies in replacing seatbelt straps. If your belt is stuck, chances are that the problem lies with the tensioner, and it would need to be replaced.

Is there a warranty on painting calipers?

Yes we offer 1-year warranty if we paint the calipers on the car. And we give 3 years warranty if we disassemble the calipers and then spray them. This is because the pretreatment is better when disassembling than spraying on the car.

Can you wrap calipers?

Yes and no. If the calipers have been painted and are therefore in paint, we can wrap them. We cannot wrap unsprayed calipers because they do not adhere to untreated material.

What colours can I have the calipers painted?

We can paint the calipers in any colour you want. Standard colours included in the price are red, yellow, purple, silver, blue, white and black. For an extra charge, we can paint the callipers in any colour you want.