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How should I maintain my wrap?

Most importantly, the car should be washed regularly. Best is because every 2 weeks. This can be hand washing but you can also take the car through the car wash.

Do the Alloygators damage when hitting a kerb?

Depending on how hard you hit the kerb, your Alloygators may be damaged. This could be a slight scuff or a bite out of them. But in almost all cases, your rims will be protected and not damaged.

Can I assemble the Alloygators myself?

Yes you can provided you have the right tools. What do you need? - Set of Alloygators - A bridge or jack - A large rubber hammer - Compressor to re-inflate your tyres - Water and soap to spray between the tyre and the rim

Is the system visible when installed?

No! The original appearance of the car has been preserved. The system is not visible from the outside. If it is installed in the boot, you can only see the openings from below. If the speakers are mounted under the car, you can only see them if you lie down under the car.