It is not without reason that the Mercedes dealer from The Hague has his cars handled by WrapAndGo. We have done several promo cars and customer cars for them.

Because we have done enough of these by now, we know exactly how everything fits together. And that is not unimportant, since we disassemble many parts to achieve the best quality when wrapping. 

Apart from car wrapping, we also specialise in tinting windows, spraying brake callipers and/or your rims in any colour you want. By wrapping the chrome parts in black, you can already give your car a completely different look. When selling the car, the film can be removed without damage so that everything is back to its original state.

You are always welcome with or without an appointment to view the colour samples and/or our working methods. Because quality is what it's all about and you can see it live with us.

If you have any questions, please call or come by. 070-3681097 We are located in Westland at Hoogweg 2C in De Lier - 5 minutes from the A4.

Below are photos of various Mercedes models that we have already painted.

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