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You can easily give your car extra style or a tougher look by changing your tinting lamps with our special lamp tint films. The tinting films are available in various colours, including transparent (for protection against stone chips) light smoke, medium smoke, dark smoke, yellow, red, orange, purple, green, pink and blue.

You can also cover the headlights with a real protective film, also called PPF. This film is often used on new cars to protect the paintwork. The film prevents stone chips in the headlights so that the car remains in new condition for longer, which results in a higher residual value.


Some characteristics and advantages of lamp tinting/blinding:

  • Easy to replace in case of damage.
  • Will not crack due to UV exposure.
  • Easy to keep clean and car wash resistant.
  • The headlamp film does not change colour and is UV-resistant.
  • The headlight film gives your car a more luxurious, tougher look.
  • The headlight film protects the lights from stone chips and scratches. This preserves the value of the car for a longer time, because the glass remains intact.


The price of the lamp shades depends on the complexity of the lamps. For example, Tesla lights are fairly easy to tint, but those of a BMW M4 are a lot harder because the lights run under the bumper. Rear lights of a Tesla are harder to tint because they have a lot of angles in them, and rear lights of a Mercedes CLA are easier because they are straightforward. The prices below give you a good indication of what the costs will be.

Cost lamp shades per set of 2 lamps in a standard shade of film:

  • Headlight tinting set from €95
  • Rear lights set tinted from €125
  • Set of tinted fog lights from €45

Cost of lamps fitted with a PPF protective film (transparent or tinted)

  • Headlights from €150
  • Set of tinted fog lamps from €75.


No, it is not permitted to apply film to lights both front and rear. However, provided that it is done properly and not too dark, the MOT inspector will approve it 9 out of 10 times because it is not visible that it is a film.


However, we would like to emphasise that having your headlights/rearlights tinted is at your own risk.

There are 3 different shades of headlight film available. Light, Medium and Dark.

We also have various PPF film headlamp films. Please ask for the possibilities.

We provide a lifetime guarantee on the loosening of the film. The film itself has a standard manufacturer's warranty of 1 year.

This is virtually impossible. Due to many years of experience, we can say that we never cut into the paintwork, even if this is necessary. If cutting on the car is necessary, we use a special cutting tape. It is called Knifeless Tape. We place the tape under the foil and in this tape there is a cutting wire which we pull through the foil so that we have a very tight cutting line.

No, there is no difference between the different shades of headlight film. There is a price difference between the standard headlight film and the PPF headlight film.

No, it is not allowed to apply film on the headlights. Not even a slight tint. But most MOT inspectors usually overlook this. Especially if it looks OEM.