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Car wrapped? Arrange insurance and RDW!

Car wrapping or refinishing is gaining popularity in the Netherlands. Car wrapping gives your car a fresh look with a film applied over it. Want to transform your everyday car into a striking matte-black car or a sparkling tiger-print vehicle? You can! But there are some things to consider, especially with your car insurance and with the RDW. Read all about it here car wrapping

Obligation to report to RDW
Your car's colour is listed on the registration certificate. If you change this colour, you need to officially report it to the RDW. This can simply be done via an online form on their website. Even temporary car wraps need to be registered.

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Insurance: what is covered?
For cars with only third-party insurance, nothing changes when you change colour. After all, the colour does not affect your premium or acceptance. In case of damage caused by others, your carwrap or new paintwork will be reimbursed by the other party's insurance company. Is your car (limited) casco insured? Then damage to your own car is also covered. Depending on the technique and colour used, it is advisable to report the change to your insurer.

The overspray process
Considering an overspray? Common metallic colours do not change your coverage. But for unique colours like matte blue or white pearl, things may be different. Consult your insurer to check if the new paint is covered under your cover.

Damage to your wrap
In case of damage to a wrapped car, the film must first be removed for repair. Removing and reapplying the wrap can be pricey. Check with your insurer whether your carwrap is covered. If not, you can often extend your cover.

Buying a used car?
When buying a used car, the previous owner may have had it wrapped. Therefore, always check the registration with the RDW and your insurance. It is also essential to check if there is any hidden damage under the wrap. What may not be visible under the film now may become obvious later when you decide to remove the wrap. So always be alert and thorough when inspecting a wrapped occasion.