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Nissan Juke - 3M Custom camouflage wrap

We made the following adjustments:

  • Wrapped with 3M film in a custom camouflage design
  • Lettering applied by Zeeuw&Zeeuw

More info on car wrapping or info on car lettering can be found here.

We gave this Nissan Juke a unique makeover by wrapping it with 3M film in a custom camouflage pattern. This striking and adventurous print enhances the Juke's sporty character and makes it really stand out in traffic.

We also applied lettering from Zeeuw&Zeeuw, which gives the car an extra personal touch while ensuring brand recognition. This combination of customised camouflage and professional lettering makes this Nissan Juke not only a pleasure to drive, but also a powerful promotional tool.

As a 3M Certified wrap company, we use only high-quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure that both the film and lettering are perfectly applied and long-lasting. Our certification ensures that every project meets strict quality standards. This Nissan Juke is now not only a visual statement, but also a paragon of craftsmanship and quality.