Tesla Model 3 3M Matte Grey Metallic

We made the following adjustments:

  • Wrapped in 3M Matte Grey Metallic

More info on car wrapping can be found here.

We transformed this Tesla Model 3 with a stunning wrap in 3M Matte Grey Metallic. This stylish and modern matt grey shade highlights the Model 3's sleek, futuristic lines and gives the car a sophisticated, sophisticated look.

In this transformation, we chose to keep the chrome accents. The combination of the matt grey wrap with the original chrome elements creates a striking contrast and an elegant, timeless look. This preserves the Tesla's classic look while adding a modern twist.

As a 3M Certified wrap company, we guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship in every project we carry out. The choice of 3M Matte Grey Metallic is not only because of its aesthetic qualities, but also because of the durability and protection it provides to the Tesla's original paintwork.

With this new, refined look, the Tesla Model 3 undoubtedly attracts attention and shows that style and functionality can be perfectly combined. With this wrap, the Model 3 is ready to dominate both city streets and highways in style.