Aside from the exterior of your car, we can also wrap the interior of your car. Outdated wooden mouldings? High-gloss black mouldings that scratch easily? Sun reflecting silver strips? We can wrap them for you, in every conceivable colour or pattern. How about brushed steel, carbon or even alcantara? Anything is possible. 

Advantages of wrapping interior parts?

  • Cheaper than a new set of strips or mouldings.
  • A brand new interior within one day.
  • Many different types and colours of films.
  • Scratched interior trim quickly made factory new again.
  • Wrapping reflective silver strips to a quieter dark colour gives a lot of peace and quiet in the car.

Car interior wrapping, how does it work?

Before we can wrap the interior of your car, we need to establish a few things. First of all it is important to know what your preferences are so we can get a good idea of them. As soon as we know this, our specialists will start wrapping your interior.

To make the most of the life span of the wrap, we first remove dirt, grease and dust particles from the areas to be covered. Once this is done, we wrap the interior of the car with our specially cut foil. We are always precise in our work.


Because every car has a different interior, it is difficult to determine prices in advance. For example, one can be a bit older than the other and not all interior parts can be wrapped. With sharp corners for example it is difficult to get the wrap in the right shape.

Would you like to request a quote? Then send us some photos via Whatsapp and specify which parts you would like to be wrapped. You will receive a quotation the same day.

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