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Can I apply film or coating to my car windows?

Blinded or tinted windows look nice, but what is allowed and what is not allowed?

Can I apply film or coating to my car windows?
Foils and coatings which reduce the transmission of light too much should not be applied to car windows. The windscreen and side windows may not be damaged or discoloured. Also, there may be no unnecessary objects on the window that obstruct the driver's view. This also applies to the rear window if the car does not have a right exterior mirror.


The windscreen and the side windows next to the driver's seat must let through at least 55% of light. The rear side windows and the rear window may have a lower light transmission level if the vehicle has an exterior mirror on the left and right.

Fines for low light transmission of car windows
During checks, the police use a device that measures the amount of light that passes through the car window. If the measured light transmission is too low, then:

you may be fined.
the police can seize your registration certificate part I (A). You are then no longer allowed to drive your car.

The vehicle-related obligations will continue to exist. For example, the motor vehicle tax, third-party liability insurance (WA insurance) and the General Periodic Inspection (APK). If you have your vehicle suspended, you no longer have to meet these obligations.

Recovering the registration certificate
After you have fixed the car windows, you can present the car for an inspection in a way indicated by the police. If the car windows meet the requirements during the inspection, you will get your registration certificate back. You can then drive your car on the road again.

Dark car windows unsafe for traffic
Darker tinted car windows are not safe because they restrict the driver's vision. In rainy and dark weather, tinted windows can lead to dangerous situations.

Source: Government of the Netherlands