The ultimate solution to protect your rims!

What car geek doesn't know it, the sound of hitting a kerb. Aargh... not daring to get out to see the damage. But still you want to see how bad it is. Sometimes the kerb damage isn't too bad, other times you've hit the rim nicely all round. Those days are over, we have the solution! The Alloygator rim flange protector!

The AlloyGators are hard nylon rings that are mounted between the tyre and the rim. The rings comply with the world's strictest safety standards and do not come loose even in harsh conditions.

The AlloyGator is a product that effectively protects the rims of your car in an inconspicuous, or just eye-catching way by using one of our 14 colours. If you want to stand out, you can choose from white, yellow or red, for example, but it doesn't have to be too crazy for you and you just want to protect your rims, then you can choose from black or silver. By the way, black is the most commonly chosen colour because it does not stand out at all.

What does rim flange protection cost?

The AlloyGators come as a set of 4, but they are also available separately, for example if there has been damage to one. Replacing a separate AlloyGator costs €75,- incl removing the old one.

A set of Alloygators rim flange protection costs 225-, for 14″ to 19″ incl mounting and 235,- for 20″ to 24″ incl mounting. We spend about an hour on this. And with the following 14 colours, there's bound to be something for you: Black, Silver, Gold, Bronze, White, Yellow, Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Gunmetal, Orange, Pink, Purple and Red.

Retrieved from this page you will find more pictures of assembled Alloygators And here you will find them specially on Tesla.

Which colour should I choose?

That depends on whether you want them to stand out or not. If you don't want to stand out, choose black or silver, these will blend in with the colour of your rim and tyre, making them virtually invisible.

But if you like your rim guards to stand out a bit, you can of course choose a brighter colour such as red, white or yellow. It is also nice to match Alloygators with the colour of your brake calipers, the colour of your paintwork or perhaps the colour of your interior. 

Frequently asked questions Alloygator rim flange protector

  • Can my rims then not break at all?
    Of course, it depends on how hard you hit a kerb. But the most common kerb damage when parking will be prevented by the Alloygators.
  • Do the Alloygators damage when hitting a kerb?
    Depending on how hard you hit the kerb, your Alloygators may be damaged. This could be a slight scuff or a bite out of them. But in almost all cases, your rims will be protected and not damaged.
  • Can I assemble the Alloygators myself?
    Yes you can provided you have the right tools. What do you need? - Set of Alloygators - A bridge or jack - A large rubber hammer - Compressor to re-inflate your tyres - Water and soap to spray between the tyre and the rim
  • How long does it take to assemble the Alloygators?
    The work takes about 45/60 min.