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The ultimate solution to protect your rims!

The ultimate solution to protect your rims!

What car buff doesn't know it, the sound of hitting a kerb. Aargh... don't you dare get out of your car to look at the damage. But you still want to see how bad it is. One time, the kerb damage is not that bad, the next time you hit the rim all over. Those days are over, we have the solution! The Alloygator rim flange protector.

Available in no fewer than 15 colours. For when you want to stand out, for example yellow or red, but also inconspicuous black or silver are available.

AlloyGator is a product that effectively protects the rims of your car in an unobtrusive, or an eye-catching way using one of 15 colours.

An AlloyGator is a sturdy, nylon ring which mounts on the edge of the rim. The AlloyGator meets the most stringent, global safety standards and will not loosen even in severe conditions.

The AlloyGators are supplied as a set of 4, but they can also be ordered separately, for example if there has been damage to one.
To replace a single Alloygator costs
€70,- incl. removing the old one.

A set of Alloygators rim flange protection costs 225-, 14″ to 19″ incl. mounting. & 235-, 20″ to 24″ incl. mounting. It will take us about an hour. And with the following 15 colours, there is bound to be something for you: Black, Silver, Gold, Bronze, White, Yellow, Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Gunmetal, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red and a Glow In The Dark.

Retrieved from this page you will find more pictures of assembled Alloygators And here you will find them specially on Tesla.

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