The Maxhaust Soundbooster is an acoustic amplifier for the engine sound. By using a high quality patented loudspeaker a sound is created which can be adjusted perfectly to your wishes. Audi uses this system in the A6 3.0 biturbo (313hp).

The Maxhaust system previously used the external sound module from Audi (stage 1), but as an option a modified version of this module could be ordered (stage 2) and the most extreme option is the module from Maserati. This was used in the Ghibli (stage 3). The system is linked to the car via the CANbus system. This way the system is perfectly integrated in the control system of the car. Think for example of the sport mode.

Maxhaust has now launched the Stage 4. This is the most extensive and versatile speaker system to date, but at the same price as the Stage 1!
The system can also be linked to your smartphone via a Bluetooth module as standard, and there are many settings to choose from.

The Maxhaust sound booster is an electrical module with software by Maxhaust. This module amplifies the engine sound acoustically, integrates extra functions and makes the system compatible with other vehicles. The system is controlled via existing buttons or switches on and around the steering wheel or via the app on your smart phone. For stage 4 it concerns an ESM (electonic sound module) module where you can choose from 5 different sound profiles. In this module, pops and bangs are adjustable.

The MaxHaust sound generator system consists of:

  • A high-quality patented loudspeaker mounted in a special stainless steel housing.
  • ESM control unit (external sound module)
  • Cable set
  • MaxHaust SoundBooster module

The ESM provides the deep, solid sound that is determined by the current engine speed.

You can adjust this sound to your liking with the MaxHaust SoundBooster module via a free app on your smartphone (iOS and Android).

You can also get an extra actuator for that extra sound or a separate engine speaker that you place under the bonnet so it seems like the sound is also coming from the engine compartment and not just from behind the car.

Maxhaust sound generator incl. installation

€ 1335,-

Maxhaust Motor Speaker (extra)

€ 199,-

Extra Actuator (extra speaker)

€ 599,-

Frequently Asked Questions Maxhaust Exhaust Noise

  • What are the differences between a wax and a ceramic coating?
    The main difference is that Wax Guard is a wax-based paint seal. A wax based seal is never permanent and will eventually disappear. A coating will stay on the car forever unless it is polished off. A coating does fade just like wax. But a coating can be boosted and quickly restored to how it was before. A coating also gives a much deeper shine in the paint and gives a much smoother and more water resistant result.
  • What does the Maxhaust Soundsystem set consist of?
    The Maxhaust Active Sound System simulates a large-volume engine (V6 / V8) via external speakers and gives your vehicle a special sound characteristic that cannot be achieved with a standard exhaust system.
    A loudspeaker suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.
    Our sound system can be expanded to up to 4 speakers.The Speaker has a circumference of approximately 64 cm and a height of 16 cm. The diameter of the tube is 6 cm, if necessary sheet metal work and welding.In a complete set everything is included, what you need for your vehicle. The system is expandable with possible motor speakers.
    Contents complete set:
    1 x actuator (speaker "Out-Sound") 2 x stainless steel strips 1 x flange 1 x Bluetooth sound booster incl. App control 1 x adapter cable for Maxhaust sound module 1 x external sound module 1 x vehicle cable set 1 x current distributor 100A 1 x current transformer 200A 1 x current distributor 300A 1 x 400A branch 2 x CAN-BUS connector 4 x self-drilling screws 1 x elbow with clamp 1 x rubber grommet
    In order to use a third and/or fourth speaker ("Out Sound" or "Motor"), an additional adapter cable for an additional adapter cable for speakers 3 +4 is required.
  • Is it possible to install the Maxhaust System yourself?
    The installation is not difficult for someone with experience. The presence of the right tools is a requirement. Welding is required when mounting under the vehicle. This should always be done by a specialist.
  • Is the system visible when installed?
    No! The original appearance of the car has been preserved. The system is not visible from the outside. If it is installed in the boot, you can only see the openings from below. If the speakers are mounted under the car, you can only see them if you lie down under the car.
  • What does the Maxhaust system cost?
    Then you get the Maxhaust Kit Stage 4 system and it costs 1335,- incl VAT.
    The installation costs are 350,- incl. VAT.
  • If I have a dual exhaust system (duplex), do I have to install 2 speakers?
    No. That is certainly not necessary because the Maxhaust has nothing to do with the exhaust system. The sound is distributed under the vehicle so that you cannot hear whether the sound comes from the left or the right.
  • Is there an extra on/off switch?
    We do not offer an additional button or switch. Especially since you can just use the existing original vehicle buttons and the app! The advantages are clear. Who wants to lay extra cables and drill holes in the fittings? Of course, you can always interrupt the power supply to our modules via a switch and thus switch the system on and off. But very unnecessary.
  • Can faults occur after installation of the system?
    No. We do recommend that the system be installed by a specialist company. Our system only reads data from the vehicle. It does not write data to the vehicle. Errors are therefore excluded.
  • Can I also turn the system off?
    Yes. There are 2 ways to do this, (depending on the vehicle) either via the original vehicle buttons or via the app.
  • Will my warranty on the vehicle expire by the installation of a Maxhaust system?
    No, the legal guarantee on the vehicle is not affected by the installation of a Maxhaust system. Accessories only affect the seller's warranty if the accessories can be demonstrably identified as the reason for the defect. The warranty then passes to the manufacturer of the accessory, who is liable for any damage to the vehicle.
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