€225,- / 14″ t/m 19″ incl. mounting
€235,- / 20″ up to 24″ incl. mounting

AlloyGator is a product that effectively protects the rims of your car in an unobtrusive, or an eye-catching way using one of 15 colours.

An AlloyGator is a sturdy, nylon ring which mounts on the edge of the rim. The AlloyGator meets the most stringent, global safety standards and will not loosen even in severe conditions.

The AlloyGators are supplied as a set of 4, but they can also be ordered separately, for example if there has been damage to one.

Replacing one Alloygator is priced at €70,- including removal of the old one.

At the moment, the range consists of 15 colours, but is still being expanded.

The following colours are available: Black, Silver, Gold, Bronze, White, Yellow, Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Gunmetal, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red and a Glow In The Dark.


The easiest way - obviously - is to let us do it. But if you are a bit handy, it is certainly something you can do yourself. A separate set is sold as well!

Alloy gators without mounting costs:
inter to 19 inch sets sold separately at €129,-
19 to 24inch set sold separately €159,-

How to install AlloyGators can be seen in this video. The installation takes about an hour and you will need the following:
a good jack

  • a tyre pump and pressure gauge
  • A good pair of pliers (e.g. for cutting electricity tubes)
  • a good plastic/rubber hammer

The rest of the supplies are in the box. This includes 4 Alloygators, a tube of superglue, covers and clips. Of course, there is also an installation manual. You can read it here.

The set of Alloygators can be used for wheels from 13 to 24 inches. The weight of the car should not exceed 3,000 kg.


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